FW: TMF RM Tech Committee – Presentation Subgroup Kick-off

Meeting Date: 2/12/2015 12:00 PM

Location: GoToMeeting A – Corporate (Paul)



  • The goals of the team were discussed and augmented during the meeting. The goals identified are:
    • Define alternative forms for consuming the data produced by the TMF team
    • Provide these outputs in digital formats that do not require specialized software to read the content, assuming all consumers have access to Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF and HTML


  • We discussed pending events that could influence our schedule:
    • Version consideration
      • Version 2 needs to be supported in parallel with Version 3, as many users of the reference model will continue on version 2.0 for some time in the future
      • Version 3 formal publication in June
    • Presentations – we would like to present initial output at these meetings if we can get on the agenda:
      • EDM meeting in May
      • DIA in June
        • Paul to reach out to Donna Dorozinsky to see if the TMF work would fit in the session she is leading
        • Michael to communicate Donna’s details to Paul
  • Demo
    • David Gwyn demoed a navigable version of TMF RM 2.0 built in MindJet Mind Manager
      • Mindjet is a commercial software
      • Exports to PDF with mind map plugin
      • Exports to HTML
      • Consensus is that mind map offers a nice display and helps to understand and read the model
      • David Gwyn to investigate open source mind map tools that can use the MindJet file
    • Other
      • Eric Rubinson emailed Paul about another potential tool
      • David showed additional information highlighting artifacts that are contained in both the TMF model and the EDM Submission model. This is a preliminary assessment but shows the additional value that can be added to these models above the work done in each focused team.
      • The current version of the TMF RM does not contain much metadata, and a suggestion was made to investigate the enormous amount of work done by OASIS.
    • Review comments – Eldin suggested we investigate the feedback received to date on the TMF model usage to see what we can incorporate in our work.
  • Next steps
    • Meet every two weeks
    • Use the EDM ref model site for collaboration (Forum)
      • To register:
        • Go to https://edmrefmodel.com
        • Hover over the “Profile” menu and select “Register / Log In”
        • Click on the “Register” button and fill in the fields.
        • You will be sent a password by the system.
        • Once you receive the password, log into the site and select the “Forums” menu
        • As you scroll down you will see the TMF Tech Presentation Group”
        • If you run into any problems please email Dave at [email protected]


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