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3-March Meeting Minutes (No replies)

David Gwyn
9 years ago
David Gwyn 9 years ago


Martin Thorley

Elvin Thalund

David Gwyn

Gabrielle Soucy

Karin Schneider

Eldin Rammell

  1. Paul to reach out to Donna – Gabrielle to follow-up with Paul
  2. Eric not able to join but may have something to present to the group
  3. “owl” approach: Eldin commented that the Oasis project looked at owl formatting too. It was complex to set up but once it was done, it was easy to get information out of the system in different formats, such as pdf and Excel. Possible to get the whole scheme out and filter it.
    1. This may have a link with the Interoperability team
    2. Importing s.s. as a SharePoint list/mini-database
  4. Mind map has capability to export filtered DB items
  5. “owl”
    1. Mind map disconnected from Reference Model because export from model
    2. Reference Model doesn’t change rapidly but risk of drifting from the source
  6. Martin pointed out an important question: what is the end-user standpoint/perspective/requirements? For example is it to have a usable list, usability and consumability?
    1. List of 78 items from Elvin
    2. From Karin: the mind map has:
      1. Inconveniences: implementation and practical use
      2. Advantages: highlight connections and serve as a great communication tool
  7. Ask the question to the Zone teams about what challenges they are facing to identify what the requirements are, and what the mind map can provide.
    1. Karin will bring the topic to Todd – so the question can be asked at their next meeting
  8. David is in communication with Eric so he can present at the next meeting
  9. Regarding licensing, there is no issue since we can use open source mind map software
  10. David to put the file on shared site