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EDM Implementation Survey - Mechanics (2 replies and 1 comment)

6 years ago
SEJ58 6 years ago


To get things going on the survey, I'd like to begin with the mechanics of the survey.


For an online survey, there are 2 platforms I am familiar with: Google Forms and Survey Monkey. Google Forms offers analytical tools that are easy to use and is free. However, we would need to set up an account for EDM as I would not want to use my personal account. Survey Monkey has a free option, but limits on that option are 10 questions, 100 responses, and no tools. The options are €35/mo for some tools and export, and increase rapidly to €400 and €900 for more tools and data handling options.

I would opt for the Google Forms, just to keep things cheap and easy. However, we would need to set up an account.


I favor a modular design so that components can be reused. Some of the modules could be:


Target questions

Is there a logo for the project available to put on the forms?


Responses should be anonymous to encourage participation.

When possible, we should use controlled responses to generate quantitative results.

As a single survey provides a static snapshot of information at an instance in time, there should be a provision for periodically polling the population (1 yr, 18 mo intervals).


Results could be kept to ourselves, or could be released, either free or at a small fee, to participants.

Results could be kept simple or published as a report.


Please let me know what you think.

6 years ago
SteveScribner 6 years ago


I prefer the idea of using Google Forms. However, since I just ran into the issue of needing to sign-in before I could comment on this post, will the vendors and clients we send this survey to, also need to sign-in or create an account before they can answer the survey? Can this survey be conducted to a public response where we can collect the data but they will not be able to see the results until we officially release it as a report or a talk in a DIA meeting somewhere?


I especially like the idea of modular design. With the Gens surveys we found that we would repeatably return to the some of the same subjects and then be able to track the progression in the answers. Also, as you mentioned, some elements will be common through any further surveys.

I agree with controlled responses (with controlled dictionaries) so we have better quality responses but we will need to always include an "other" option with a box to fill in a custom answer. We can't always predict what people want to say.

We'll see about periodic polling. I don't think we would be able to respond to a new poll any quicker than yearly. Our intent with this poll is to learn how people have used the Models. We do know that most s/w solutions have implemented an option of the Reference Models as the Information Architecture of their solution because customers have asked for it. The models don't force HOW it is implemented, only the information structure (including metadata). Static suggestion. At least, that is what is has been so far.


Obviously the primary use of the survey results will be for our own steering and direction for the future. I would suggest that we also report on it in DIA meetings - we have tried to keep the industry updated with the progress we continue to make. We can surely publish a short report as well to help bolster awareness and industry impressions.

... Steve Scribner

6 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. Here are some answers to your questions.

I believe the form will expose to the public without needing to sign in. I think it is a setting in the form set up.

I believe all the information is kept hidden, again another setting.

We will obviously run test surveys to make sure everything is working before it goes live.


6 years ago
lemitsos 6 years ago

Steve has far more experience than me in polling so I trust his opinions. OK for Steve's answers as well. I believe we should specifically ask vendors to respond as they have no reason to be anonymous and can provide important real life experience. 

I will work on a logo idea.


Dimitri Stamatiadis

Dimitri Stamatiadis